If you believe in the creative potential of virtual reality... 

We're hiring.


We’re a small, ambitious team in downtown San Francisco with experience building products, apps, and games at companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Irrational Games. We don’t have ping pong tables or crazy free meals. But we do have a bright, airy office near Union Square, lots of VR/AR gear, and a healthy perspective on work-life balance. We strive for balance, celebrate uniqueness, and encourage people to follow their passions. We're dreamers, but more importantly, we are makers. 


Lead Programmer

We're looking for an experienced, hands-on technical leader to join us on-site and spearhead our development efforts. The ideal person is excited to help build unique VR/AR experiences at the intersection of apps and games. Although job titles don't matter too much on a small team, this could potentially be (or become) a CTO role.


Experienced.  Worked on at least one substantial 3D game or game-like experience in a senior or lead role using Unity, Unreal, or a custom engine.

Hands-on leader.  Wants to focus on writing code that improves the user experience while also coordinating our technical strategy with three other experienced developers. Comfortable making major technical decisions and building new systems from the ground up.

Generalist.  Multiple platforms, languages, and areas of interest.

Problem solver.  Eager to help solve the many design challenges of building for a new medium.

Expert.  One or two areas of specialty from: game engines, simulations, AI, shaders, procedural content generation, design tools, networking, audio, natural language processing, machine learning.

Lifelong learner.  Strong interest in growing skills in more of the above areas.

Flexible.  Enjoys changing gears depending on the task at hand: prototype, product, or platform.

Inspired.  Informed opinions about dev processes, tools, best practices, and open source.

Constructive.  Candid, considerate, and open-minded.