We're Moatboat, a San Francisco based company focused on using technology to augment human creativity and thought. We're building a creation engine that lets you create using your voice and hands in augmented reality and virtual reality.


Our interest is creative thinking.

To create is human. The modern world is filled with amazing things that were thought up, built, and improved by humans. We're creative beings with the ability to believe in impossible things, and the desire to bring our ideas to life.

Our ideas brought to life allow us to achieve the extraordinary. We can make each other laugh, solve tough problems, draw attention to situations, unravel the distant past, consider possible futures, and build better lives.


We believe in the potential of AR
and VR.

AR/VR is the first computing platform for experience rather than information. It's one step on a long path towards a more dynamic reality. Over time, a new medium will emerge. People will be able to express thoughts as tangible experiences that can be shared, considered, and changed.

By experiencing and playing with each other's imaginations and mental models inside shared spaces, it becomes possible to create, think, and communicate in entirely new ways.


Our passion is augmenting humans.

We're tech optimists. We're contributing to a future where humans and machines are working together to positively augment each other.

By combining technologies like AR/VR, natural language processing, simulations, networking, and machine learning, we’re empowering everyone to instantly create and communicate thoughts in a shared reality.



Mike Johnston, Co-founder

Mike was Head of Mobile at WordPress after they acquired Simplenote, his Y Combinator startup. He's also been a Senior Developer at Irrational Games and an indie game developer. His background is Computer Science.



Katrika Morris, Co-founder

Katrika was a Principal Designer at Microsoft where she focused on the future of interactive storytelling and the future of media. Her background is Industrial Design and Experience Design.



Tom Witkin

Tom was previously at Apple where he worked on various projects across iOS and watchOS. Before that he did independent research and was an indie app developer. His background spans software engineering, mechanical engineering, and design.



Shiv Kumar

Shiv was a software engineer at New Relic, where he built backend systems and helped the company towards its IPO. Prior to that, he was at Google selling online ads. In between, he taught himself how to code and attended Dev Bootcamp.